We believe in opportunities and most of all, we believe in achievements. Orajo activewear is established with love, passion and most of all faith in the strength of women. We designed our jumpsuits to help you challenging yourself, to bring out the best in you and to feel free in every movement you make.

The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Live and be free together with Orajo, this is the moment to find your true happiness.

The texture of an Orajo jumpsuit is strong, has flexible material and creates freedom of movement that meets the desire of every woman who wants to feel great in her second skin. The material we use is Supplex which is skin-tight and therefore a compliment to the female forms.

Orajo activewear is a lifestyle brand established by Kylie de Gelder, a young businesswoman who believes in the strength and capabilities of women. The brand reflects her story and mission in many ways:

Step by step I’ve learned to accept my strengths and weaknesses and I’ve learnt to fully accept myself, both in- and outside. I’ve found the courage to change my lifestyle and mental convictions. I changed my mindset, improved my health by exercising and dieting and developed an impressive perseverance. My desire was to fall in love with all my feminine shapes, to release myself from shame and have the guts to expose myself to the world.

Women are the most beautiful creatures on earth and they should bless others with their beauty. It would be a great gift to inspire and urge my female sisters to step up and shine in all their female beauty to step out of the shadow of shame, feeling fulfilled with themselves and therefore proud to be a queen.”

Kylie de Gelder

“The secret to happiness is freedom, the key to freedom is Orajo”

– Kylie de Gelder